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To Order Contact Holly Brennan or John Campo at INFO@DECCABOSTON.COM OR 617-242-5005.
All orders will be prepared for pick up at Decca. * 3 Business days’ notice required.


When do I need to let you know of my selections?

For ordering purposes we really need to know final selections 5 Business Days prior to your order.

During Decca’s off season (November—April) can I still order boxed lunches?

Yes!! We always want to work with you! So please let us know what your needs are and we can make it happen!

My group had to cancel our trip, do you accept cancellations?

Yes, we will work with you to reschedule if possible. IF however, the cancellation is done the day of the event, we will have to charge you for a percentage of the event as we may have to discard (loss) product.

My group is booking with the Ducks tour, or a different tour company do I order directly through you?

Depends, if you are a large group where you are booking in advance for the Ducks, you will order from us through them. If you are a small group planning to go on a Duck Tour you can order through us directly.

When is payment required?

We will invoice after the event, payment is required upon receipt of the invoice. We accept checks or credit cards.

My order is tax exempt, is that allowed?

Yes, we do however require the tax exempt form prior to invoicing.

I would like my order delivered, is this possible?

Work with us directly to see if delivery is a possibility, we will happily meet your buses at the gate to deliver product, and can deliver to some locations (locally in Charlestown).

Do you have seating available at Decca?

We do have some seating, but at this time cannot accommodate groups larger than 10 in the dining room or deck. The boxes are designed to be eaten on the go!

How do I order?

Email your request to or email Holly directly at